Grape Wine - East Indian

Bombay Specials - Bombay Specials


1NosEgg Whites 
1,1/2KilogramSugarUse 1 kg first, and 1/2 kg later as explained in the method
2KilogramGrapes - seedlessBlack fresh grapes.
1HandfulsWheat - whole. 
4BottleWaterBoiled and cooled


Wash grapes thoroughly. Put in a vessel and squeeze. Boil water with 1 kg sugar and strain into the vessel with the squeezed grapes. Add wheat, egg-white, and the plums Put it in a jar or a plastic container and cover. Keep in a cool and dark place for one week. Stir this mixture twice a day, morning and evening. After the first week add half kg sugar and stir once a day in the night for another 2 weeks. After the third week do not touch the wine for another three weeks. After six weeks have passed, strain the mixture through a fine muslin cloth and store the wine in glass bottles or in the same jar. Store the wine for 12 to 15 days before use.

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