East Indian Bottle Masala

Bombay Specials - Bombay Specials


Quantity Measure Ingredients
3 Kilogram Chillies, Red Dry
10 Grammes Aniseed (Suwa, Shopa)
00 Grammes Coriander/Dhania
250 Grammes Turmeric/Haldi
250 Grammes Teel. (Sesame Seeds)
250 Grammes Mustard Seed
250 Grammes Kuskus - poppy seeds
250 Grammes Dhal, Chana (Kabuli chana)
250 Grammes Wheat - whole.
250 Grammes Pepper Corns
10 Grammes Maipatri
50 Grammes Cinnamon
10 Grammes Cardamoms
10 Grammes Cloves (spice)
10 Grammes Bardian
10 Grammes Kababchini
10 Grammes Tirphal
10 Grammes Naikaiser
10 Grammes Zaipatri
250 Grammes Jeera/Cumin Seeds



There are many recipes to make the East Indian Bottle masala, to suit the taste of the user. They differ in pungency, flavour and colour according to the ingredients used. One of the common recipes is the one given here.

Clean the ingredients, and dry them in the sun. Roast each ingredient separately in an earthenware pot, and first pound the red chillies, and then the others, and mix them thoroughly and bottle them in perfectly dry bottles.


Most of these ingredients are available from Bombay spice dealers, and the names are of Marathi origin.


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