Khobz - Arabic Bread

Other Regions - Middle East


Quantity Measure Ingredients Description
1 Kilogram Flour, Maida - (Refined) Knead
1 Teaspoon Yeast - dry Add to dough
Half Teacup Water Add to dough


Knead the ingredients into a soft dough. Keep it covered for about four hours till it rises. Roll into thick chapattis of about six inch diameter. Then keep them aside for about ten minutes. 

Place the rolled chapatti on a heated thawa, medium hot, and roast it slightly and turn it to the other side, and then cover it with an upside down deep sauce pan. Allow the chapatti to rise. After it is risen and browned on one side, turn it on the other side, and fry the same way, and then remove.

Note the time taken to rise, and follow it as your guide for the rest of the chapattis, which are called "Kobus' in Arabic.


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