Arabic Breakfast

Other Regions - Middle East


1 Medium Chillies, Green Crushed.
3 Tablespoon Hammoos From any Lebanese supermarket
4 Nos Kobus Lebanese Bread
1/2 Teaspoon Lime Juice For taste
Half Teacup Olives Green/Black For garnish
A Little Salt For taste
1 Teaspoon Tahina From any Lebanese supermarket


In a plate, spread Hummus mixed with Tahina, and pour olive oil over it to glaze it. Spread a few black or green olives over the hummus, Garnish with a crushed green chilly, pour a little lime juice for taste, and sprinkle some salt to taste. This can be used like a dip, and eaten with Khobz.

Read about Za'atar in Glossary/Plant Derivatives.   This is an Arabic spice mixture and applied on pita bread, tastes nice.

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