Baby Kitchdi

Monday, 23 March 2009 01:49 Baby Foods - Baby Foods


Quantity Measure Ingredients Description:
4 Tablespoon Rice, fine grain. Cook rice and dhal together.
2 Tablespoon Dhal, Moong Cook rice and dhal together.
  As Required Salt Add
2 Teaspoon Butter Add


You will require 4 tablespoons of rice and 2 tablespoons of dehusked moong dal. Prepare Kitchdi by cooking rice and dal together, with a pinch of salt (added to taste). Once Kitchdi is cooked, you can add 2 teaspoons of ghee, butter or cooking oil to the final preparation. You can also add vegetables like carrots or spinach to the Kitchdi and then mash the mixture. If you want to add spinach, first boil, mash and strain it, and then add this puree to the Kitchdi and stir it. Cool the Kitchdi and serve lukewarm.

When the baby is still young, you should mash the entire mixture in a blender so that it is easy for the baby to swallow. You can gradually increase the consistency to a semi-solid state so that the child's palate starts getting used to regular foods.

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