Water, Sugar and Salt Drink

Tuesday, 24 March 2009 18:12 Baby Foods - Baby Foods


QuantityMeasure Ingredients 
 As RequiredSalt
 As RequiredSugar
 As RequiredWater



Water, Sugar and Salt solution

This solution is an essential medicine for diarrhea. It is necessary for adults as well as children and infants. After preparing the solution, make sure that you taste it. The solution should not taste too salty. Add lime juice (sour/sweet) or orange juice to taste. Some children prefer to have this solution without orange juice. 

Keep this solution in a refrigerator or cold place. Make fresh solution after 24 hours. Wherever possible, boil the water and cool it before adding salt and sugar. Once the solution is ready, do not boil it.

For 1 liter of water (roughly three soft drink bottles or cans) add 1 level teaspoon of salt and 8 level teaspoons of sugar. Mix and taste

For 1 liter of water, add

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