Music - A gift from God

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Music is a thing of pleasure and we use it at many occasions in our lives.  Some are born with the instinct of music, others take the trouble to learn the intricacies of the same.  There have been others for whom it is a money spinner, but to cut down the costs they have resorted to shortcuts.  This did not happen during the classical period when they were supported by befactors mostly from Royal families and the Church hierarchy.  They gave them their best, and produced marvelous works, which are reproduced for the public by dedicated choirs and orchestras whose main aim is to preserve the  heritage they have inherited.

After the first world war, the monied classes usurped the space made to them, actually it was their conspiracy to get them out of the way.  In the past these monieyed classes used to fund the wars of the Royals, and getting their pound of flesh from them in return..  They themselves would pit them one agaist the other and get both ends of the candle to get their share.   This share has today made them millionaires and they rule the roost in political circles, and the zombies are asked to pay the price.  Could we too one day happen to do the same, or are we going to  be aware of what is happeing around us ?

I have never been able to bite their bullet till now, and since I do not find any music to my satisfaction have begun to compose my own, at least to find peace in this turbulent world.

My dear friends,  art and crafts are talents that have been given by the Great Benefactor free of charge.  Why not respect the  Giver and do in the first place what he intended us to do with these gifts.

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