Mangalorean Recipes

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Contributed by Ms Aesha Munawar




Quantity: Measure: Ingredients: Description:
2 Whole Cardamoms Green, sees only
1 Kilogram Carrots red, grated, Cook in milk
1 Liter Milk Boil
1 Handfuls Rice, Raw Cook in milk
1 Kilogram Sugar Cook in milk




Bring the milk to a boil and  add all the ingredients, just keep the flame low. Stir occasionally. Cook for 1-2 hours it may take more time as carrots leave their water. When you feel that the rice and carrots are merged into milk as you cannot see them separately, then think it is ready. Take care that it should not be watery as well as it should not be hard or solid like. If it is of the right consistency then it will be the yummiest dessert you ever had and I mean it.

Note: you should not grate the white portion of the carrots, only and only include the red portion. Do not use Chinese carrots only red carrots are recommended.

Serve chill. Sprinkle grated coconut and crushed peeled almonds.

Optional: you can serve it with yogurt.(homemade or unsweetened is preferred.

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