A sincere thanks to you all

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I happened to read the Face book notification, telling me about the number of people who have liked my website.   You may be knowing, that I am 82 years old this year, and suffer from failing eyesight.  I have always liked to help others, and the whole idea of this website, came about, when my two daughters, moved abroad to work, and I remembered my days, when I had to be alone in Qatar in the early sixties.   So, I thought of reaching out to my kids, as they had not used the opportunity to learn cooking from their mother, as they were studying.   I know this is the case of all young people today, and the best thing we old ones can do is use our knowledge to help others to overcome this hurdle.    I feel vindicated, that my efforts did not go in vain, from the number of "likes" I read in the Face book Notification.


Let me say a sincere thank you to all those well  wishers, and hope I will continue doing this as long as possible.


Walter Pais

August 25, 2016

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