Devbaug Shore

Terrence Quadros S.J. Food for Thought - Poems

Devbaug Shore

New rush waves race reforming shores

Different patterned each fresh wash

Ebb and flow re-coaxing change

unfolding swift paced seasons new

Old flowing histories  glow re-foamed

To bubble-froth delights and times


old rugged boat heaves launching out

T’wards horizon’s distant stretch

Old mended nets splash cast again

Uncertain now the promise catch


the men await largesse from sea

they will return with gratitude


We carry forward all the old

Weather-worn enriched by toil

challenge crusted tempered lives

full flowered through trough and crest of days

each battle fought with common dare

unscathed not still strong survived


new faith dreams beckon us ahead

we trust new winds and water depths

we trust old hearts and habits learned

our lives in ever caring hands.


for all that has been: gratitude

for all that will be:  “YES!” again!


                                                                  terryq: new year 2012


Happy beginnings to a new year

full of exciting challenge and promise!

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