When Petals Fall

Terrence Quadros S.J. Food for Thought - Poems

When petals fall they fall unrushed
Soft tossed by whims of wafting winds
Brief riding them to nature’s hearth
Transforming there still silently
To  decompose in process slow
New nutrient now for nascent seed.

Petals fall with no complaint
In timely grace of letting go
Allow for flower shift to hope
Through seed that now takes centre stage
For new convert to promise growth
From shoot to bush to bloom again.

Petals fall as daylight dusks
As age unfurls in mellow charm
As nature rides its cyclic swirl
To fresh awakes of destined glow.

We bloom our seasons, celebrate
And grace our lives as petals fall.

     terryq: may 15th, 2012

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