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Home Mangalore/Goa Recipes Soups & Soraks (Saar) Tambli - A Saraswat Brahmin Recipe

Tambli - A Saraswat Brahmin Recipe

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Quantity Measure Ingredients Description:
1/2 Teacup Coconut scraped (fresh) Blend in blender
2 Medium Chillies Green minced blend
3 Pinch Salt blend
2 Tablespoon Water to blend ingredients
1/2 Inch Ginger (Adhrak) Add (alternates:coriander, jeera, garlic, methi,teel or kuskus_
1 Medium Onion Add: (alternates:vegetsbles like carrots, cucumbers, spinach,flowers,leaves,pickles,herbs, seeds,)
1 Teacup Curds Add to paste
1/2 Tablespoon Cooking Oil Heat Oiol
1 Pinch Mustard Seed (Sarson) Add: (alternates:jeera,curryleaves,kothmeer,dals,redchilles)
A Few Curry Leaves (Kadi patta) Fry in oil
1 Medium Chillies Red Dry broken. Fry in oil


Step 1.

Blend scraped coconut, green chillies and salt in a mixer to a smooth paste, adding a spoon or two of water.   

Step 2

Add minced ginger  and the chopped onion to the paste,  Give one more whisk, in the blender.  Add curds.  

Step 3.

Heat a spoon of oil. Add a pinch each of mustard, a few curry leaves and a torn red chili. Stir for a few seconds.     Mix this with the above preparation and serve.

Note: You can take one of the alternates, in place of Ginger, Mustard Seed and Onion, in their respective rows, and use the same method as was used for the original ingredient.

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