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A time to Remember

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If we were not gifted with Intelligence and Memory, our life would not have been any better than the animals around us.    The pain of our existence on earth is directly linked to our ability to remember.    The part played by Intelligence is to control this memory and use it for our life's benefit.   Thus experiences of ancestors have been stored in the memory of those specialized in Medical things and we have our own Ayurveda which is a store house of these recollections and used by experts in their field to help mankind.

The Intelligent component of Man and woman have given rise to the concept of Spirituality.   This field too is filled with experts who have studied the subject and given us exposition of their thoughts in systems of Faith called Religion.    Thus Religion is supposed to be a system of thought for the guidance of Humans in their journey through life on earth.    Religion has also contemplated on the Origin of the Universe and Life itself and in different times the Human Mind has evolved explanations to this phenomenon, we call the Universe around us.    Our basic intelligence informs us that nothing can be made by itself.   Thus Evolution theory trying to debunk the Creator is a fantasy, in which people trust, as much as the medieval and primitive man trusted the exponents of explanations in those times.    However, there are atheists who for reasons of their own, deny the existence of an external cause responsible for the existence of this Universe.   Just because they see an evolutionary pattern in the various creatures, they conclude it has taken place by itself.   They come to the conclusion that things happened a "million" years ago, and are quite confident that their conclusion is correct.  Richard Dawkins was on BBC with his theories.   However, these intelligent people have no qualms to say, that in this case there is no need of a Cause, even though the effects are many.   I wonder if the acceptance of a God forces them to also accept a moral code.    Capitalism requires a free hand to create their wealth, and in doing so, they need to be free of all constraints.    But we have been told, that one can gauge a tree from the fruits it brings.   In the past atheism has not brought good tidings but unbridled capitalism.   These Atheists, who want to debunk our beliefs, can not foretell for sure what the fate of this world will be in the next fifty years.   They prevent treaties to stop global warming and a melt down.  The Capitalists would rather find a haven on Mars.    This is what their evolutionary theories have brought the world to.    If Religion has brought pain, it is because of a faulty interpretation of its tenets, or by subverting them

At every stage, packed with new found 'evidence' man tries to debunk the beliefs of his ancestors as 'old fashioned' and moves the goal post of belief.   He does not try to think for himself, but trusts some one else whom he considers to be knowing more than himself.    Thus you can see how easily people take to new ideas not because they are true in themselves, but they seem to give them an escape route from the restrictions placed by their previous 'beliefs'.

The Greatest Story Teller, Jesus Christ.

His followers called him Master, and others called him Rabbi.    He was a simple carpenter whom God endowed with great gifts and those who may look at him casually, and without the eyes of Faith, may find that his actions showed enormous mystery.    Those who find themselves trapped by the expectations of his teachings, may find it more convenient to dismiss him, and consign him to the realms of the simple minded.    In fact his contemporaries too found it hard to accept the ideals that he stood for.   It went at cross purpose with their plans and ambitions.   It was easier to get rid of him, as they said "it is better to sacrifice one man, rather than a whole people".    They were the powerful elite, the intelligentsia of his time.    They rubbished his teachings and called him a fake.    The irony is that he foretold their doom, and yet they did not understand what he stood for.

His followers went all the way to prove to their fellow men, that He was the True Messiah they were waiting for and wrote four Gospels giving their evidence.    This was read at their meetings and those who were simple minded, did not find difficulty in trusting this information.    Those who had to lose a lot by following him, opted to persist in their own ways.    This schism in the community, went on and on.   The traditionalists mocked the new breed as "Christians",  the "Nazarenes" and called them simpletons and peasant folks, too dumb to understand their lofty arguments.    Again the paradox of history is that people were drawn to this simple man from Nazareth, more than to all the Intellectuals of his day. 

Jesus was a story teller, because his people were too simple minded and could not understand the lofty things he was talking about.   He said that his 'kingdom' was not of this earth, as the Jews of his time were banking on a Messiah who would get them back their lost Kingdom, which was brought about by their Great King David and his son, Solomon.    He told them the vision of his Father, who was God himself, according to his sayings.    In this vision, all people were God's children and thus his 'kingdom' would be open to all.

Since this Kingdom is of a Super Natural order, what happens in the heart of an individual is only known to God himself and so he said to his followers, "do not judge others, lest you be judged yourselves".    The 2000 years that have elapsed since his coming, bear an abundant evidence of how God has worked in Mankind.  The haughty and the mighty have been brushed aside and the simple have inherited the lost ground and thus the meaning of his Sermon on the Mount becomes evident.

In the name of God, people have taken up the sword and inflicted destruction, but he said "the one who lives by the sword, will perish by the sword" and how true this too has come about.   All the mighty ones of different nations who tried to subjugate others either in the name of religion or commerce, have all been vanquished and yet new ones come in their place, doing the same mistakes.

A time to Remember

As 25th December comes closer, we should remember this Man from Galilee, and try and live up to the ideals he stood for.    Bring hope where there is despair.    In small steps, start doing it first within one's own family, then with the neighbor who lives next door.   Finally go beyond and embrace the whole world, without distinction of caste or creed and love everyone for the good things the Creator has given us.  Let us share them with others, and pray that all will be happy and the sufferings of humanity will decrease to a great extent.

A sincere wish to you and your Family

Please click here, to watch a small presentation of my wishes to you and your family at this time of the year. I share my belief in the greater things we are capable of.

Walter.  Please Click Here

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