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Family Tree Graphic Instructions

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Family Tree Instructions.


To learn about the features, you may download the Help File by clicking here



Start with Add A Clan.



The Individual:  His Father Fernandes and Mother D'Silva.      Father's Father,  Fernandes  Father's Mother.D'Souza    -  

His Mother   Pereira.     Her Father: Pereira, Mother: Pinto

Clans: Father:  Fernandes, D'Silva and  D'Souza   Mother's :  Pereira and Pinto

In the same way:  The Clans of the Wife of the Individual.  

You can give the initials as AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, AF etc

Then comes the clans of the Children's spouses.

Build Family Tree



  1. Enter Personal Code: A1  (for the next clan start with B, then C, then D etc or you can also have the first two initial letters of the /Clan Code..)
  2. Enter the First, Middle and last name of the Grand Father.
  3. Sex Male
  4. DOB is birth date,  DOM is marriage date and DOD is date of death.
  5. SDOB, SDOD are Spouse’s birth date and death date.
  6. Give Spouse’s first and last name.  Enter Remarks if any.
  7. Click on the label of Personal Code and the Cod is highlighted.  Press CTRL+C  and it gets copied on the Clip Board,  Now in the Children’s column place your mouse and press CTRL+V, which copies it on the Personal Code column of the Child.   Add number 1 after  backspacing with the back arrow of your key board.
  8. Now copy the same below for as many children that there are, and add the last numbers in an ascending order and then fill the first, middle and last names of the children, their birth, marriage and death dates spouses names and dates.  
  9. Preview the Report will show the report of a particular family.
  10. Now close the form, by clicking on File, Close.


Scan List


  This shows all the members and if you click on any name, the data of that person appears.

  You can add the names of the children.  If you have to modify the data in the upper form, then click on Modify button on the top right side and the form appears where  you can change the data.   After the work is done, you should always close the file by clicking on the Menu Bar: File/Close.

  View Families By Clans


The lower set of Navigation buttons will move one clan to another.    The Navigation buttons on the upper row, will move one family to another within the chosen Clan.    You can print a Report of families of the Clan by clicking the Preview Button


Preview the Family Report

This should give you a chance to preview all the families.

Birthdays and Marriages and Deaths

  Birthday List will appear if the dates have been entered in the various columns.

The data of an individual person and his children can be printed.  You can send it to that person by mail and ask him to update the dates and details and then you can enter them in your records.

If you have installed MSOffice Pack, with MS Access, atleast 2000 version or above, you may write to me for this program.   My email address is:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


To learn more on how you can use the Microsoft Access to make your own programs, please go to my Database Section. 


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