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Ponsache Patholi Ani Gariyo

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Recipe Source: My mum-in-law
Yield: When the batter is halved: 4 Patholis & 12 Gariyos

You Need:

    1 kg Jackfruit pods (cleaned of the pith)
    1 cup boiled rice (Ukdo in Konkani/Ukda in Hindi)
    1 handful raw rice (Surai in Konkani/Kollam in Hindi)
    1 piece of jaggery - abt 100gms (you can reduce this if you prefer less sweet)
    1/4 tsp pepper powder
    pinch of salt
    coconut shavings of 1/2 a coconut (only for the Patholi)
    3/4th cup grated coconut (only for the Gariyo)

1. Remove the seed from each pod and retain the seeds. Roughly chop the jackfruit pieces
2. Soak the two types of rice for at least 3 hours. Grind them together with the jackfruit pieces, jaggery, pinch of salt and pepper powder to a fine paste. Do not use water during grinding unless it is to wet the blade intermittently. The batter should be dryish like dosa batter. If you are making Patholis, add the coconut shavings and follow Step# 3 below. If you are making Gariyo, see Step# 6

3. You can use Teak leaves which lend the desired fragrance and colour to the Patholi to steam the Patholis or Banana leaves will do which then need to be cut in 10x4 sizes (or big enough to accomodate the patholi batter and sufficient space on all sides to make a folded packet)
4. Place a steamer with sufficient water to boil and when it comes to a rolling boil, place the packets & steam for 20minutes.
5. The colour of the leaves would have changed from deep green to brown or purplish brown. The Patholis will also have this colour. Allow to cool, cut & serve!

6. To make Gariyos, add the grated coconut to the batter.
7. Heat oil for deep frying in a deep heavy bottomed pan. When it has heated sufficiently (not smoking hot - but passes the drop test) reduce the flame to medium high & gently put ladles full of batter into the oil. Fry the fritters by tossing them gently so all the sides are uniformly cooked, till the outsides look golden maroon. Remove before they turn black - they should have the colour of gulab jamoons.
8. Place on an absorbent kitchen towel to drain off the excess oil.
9. Serve hot with a cup of hot tea. They taste best when they are slightly cooled as you can get to taste the sweetness of the Jackfruit with the hint of Jaggery & Coconut. Gariyos keep well for 4-5 days in an airtight box.

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