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Home Friends' Corner General Contributions Dodol 3 - Cooconut Cake

Dodol 3 - Cooconut Cake

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Quantity Measure Ingredients Description
1 Teacup Rice Flour fine unroasted red rice flour
4 Teacup Water  
3 Teacup Coconut Milk - Thick  
Half Teaspoon Salt  
400 Grams Jaggery Back Goa jaggery


To make dodol (the way we make it), you need unroasted very fine red rice flour. You can prepare this at home, if you have red rice. Soak 3/4 cup red rice overnight in cold water. Sieve the red rice and rinse it a couple of times the next day. Keep the rice in the sieve until it becomes dry, but not completely dry. Then grind the rice until smooth. Sieve the ground rice flour with a very fine sieve in 2 to 3 batches. Spare the grains in another bowl. Once you have sieved all the rice flour, grind the grains and sieve again. Put aside. Next step is to dilute the ready-made coconut cream with water. In a bowl, measure up 1 cup of rice flour (the flour that you produced earlier is probably more than 1 cup). Pour one cup of the coconut cream-water mixture in there and mix until smooth and completely free of lumps. Put aside but keep it within reach, close to the stove.

Grease a silver or stainless steel tray with either coconut oil or ghee. Put aside. In a pan, melt the jaggery with about half a cup of water, on below to medium heat. Boil until the jaggery has melted completey. In a large wok, pour the coconut cream and the syrup while stirring frequently, so that it doesn't get burned on the bottom. Add the rice flour and mix. Before adding the rice flour, stir it properly first because the flour has probably sank to the bottom. If you add the rice flour without stirring it will inevitably become a little lumpy. After adding the rice flour, stir and do your best to dissolve any lumps, while stirring. After this all you have to do is to stir. The dodol will get darker, thicker and glossier as the hours pass by. You don't have to stir as vigorously in the beginning as you will have to towards the end, when most of the water has evaporated and the dodol has a tendency to get burned, if you don't stir fast and non-stop.

The entire stirring process will take 2 hours, on medium heat. When the dodol leaves the sides, is thick and is not sticky, it can be taken away from the stove. Take it away from the stove and spoon it on the greased tray you prepared earlier and level it, if you can manage before it sets (and it sets really fast). Let it cool. Once it has cooled, slice the dodol with a knife or pizza cutter and cover the dodol with a plastic foil so that it doesn't get dry or wrap the slices up in a plastic foil and keep them in an air-tight container in room temperature. Good luck!

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