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Suffering and Persecution

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Suffering is a part of life.  Jesus had something to say about it.  When he was telling his apostles how he had to die, Peter his right hand man, objected, and Jesus told him why he was wrong - he had not understood how his Father saw it.   Further he told them, if they wanted to follow him it was very important to take up their crosses and follow him.   They did exactly the same, all of them were killed by the enemies of Truth, and only John died normal death.

Persecution of Christians began with Christ, and it will not end there.   It lasted for 3 centuries, when God decided to make a change.   Constantine came, and all the persecuters had to find other devious ways to get their way.   It went on and off, with false ideas and heresies.   The final break came when there was a upheaval and man Catholics rebelled and began their Protestant Reformation, but there too God had a vision.  God saw what men could not see.  Many would walk on their path, but God is not vengeful, he saves even them.  Even when the Jews persecuted him and nailed to the cross, it was He who forgave them asking  his father,  "Father forgive them for they do not know what they do."  This is the problem, people persecute because what they know is half truth.  God will pardon them too.

Our own physical disabilities and problems are part of that same cross which God gives us to carry.  If we carry willingly, he will help us also to bear them, and use them to help others whom we love.

Now in the 21st century, there are persecutions, and some feel they should rise in protest, and demonstrate.  This was not in the vision of Jesus and only those who have also not understood fully, like St. Peter, should think again and go back  to their basics.

Man judges others from his human point of view.  God does not judge but forgives and loves.  Can we also do the same and pray instead that the persecuters will begin to understand and be saved as well ?   After all they are our own kin.


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