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Wish you a very Happy New Year

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Welcome to 2015.

Greetings to you for a Happy Beginning.

As we come closer to the end of a year which might have brought us happiness, or bathed us in tears of sorrow, we will tend to look back according to our own proclivities.   The young will have an outlook which may differ from those who have been on this earth for many more years, and have seen ending of so many years, and recall all that has flowed under their bridges.    The older we are, we feel cold when we are away from the warmth of the sun, and try our best to seek shelter from inclement weather.    We often tend to think of the meaning of our lives, whether it is all meant to be for a while, when we are living on this earth.    What a wonderful world it is, where Intelligence shines out with brilliance of a Sun, such intricate mechanisms and organized structures sustaining life on earth, and that too, so varied, that we delve into deeper study of these forms.    All searches lead to the cause of these effects, but how many of us, persist in finding the ultimate Cause?   Yes, among our ancestors, these questions were asked and answered, and we see around us temples and churches, monuments of the discoveries of our ancestors, and then we ask, why is it being brushed under the carpet now ?

I suppose it is not difficult to see how we have structured ourselves to exist peacefully on this earth.    In the past two centuries, various forms of governance were tried, and those in power tried to cloud or shut the mind of their subjects lest they ask too many questions.   In the so called advanced groups, where they extol human freedom, of thought and action, there is also a fear of too much questioning.   The masses, have to be kept under control, and many a means has been found to do it, and one has to stop asking the question, for the ultimate Cause.    Those who claim to be all knowing, Scientists and Thinkers, tell us, there is no Primary Cause, and the masses are supposed to believe them, rather than our ancestors, who apparently were less erudite than them.    All those in the past, Arya Bhatta, Aristotle, St.Thomas Aquinas, all were less knowledgeable than our modern day thinkers like Richard Hawkins and the other Atheists, and the politicians and financiers, who follow them, and lead the masses to the graveyard.

Yet, the question does not die.   The faith in the masses still lives on, even after 70 years of religious suppression in the USSR.    It will live on in these so called advanced countries too, when they had the full brunt of their bankruptcy.

I for one, do believe, as I do not have a better answer, and the proposal of the modern day atheists, does not sound right to me.   Since the span of life is long everyone has always the chance to change his mind, so no one need to be condemned and ignored.   We should love even those with whom we may disagree.  In this spirit, I say to those who click on the link, to come to my website.

We might have not known each other, but I have dedicated this space to express what is uppermost in my heart.    As I reach the twilight of my life, I feel that I owe much to those who came before me, and I should not leave, without passing it on to others.    It is not necessary that we share what we have exclusively with our own families.   The sun, as it warms us, does not ask us if we belong to it, but shines all the same.   Let us therefore, pass this ray of hope to all those who come across our way.    Something on this website will draw you to an idea, that may appeal to you.   You might have come after a long time, or for the first time.   Do spend some time, and allow me to share what I have with you.    I most sincerely, wish you all a 2015 which will bring cheer in your lives.   It would be a shame, if you do not pass your happiness to others around you.    Have a good time, as you open the first day of the New Year.


Walter J. Pais


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