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What a World !

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In this beautiful creation, the human being stands out as the greatest exhibit of the mastery of creativity.   Every thing that exists, is in itself a master stroke of the one who conceived of it, and executed the  idea.   In a world of humans where some of them are bent upon their pursuit of obliterating the concept of a Master possessing these ideas, and ability to bring them into execution, the majority at least, with their limited intelligence, have always postulated the existence of this Source of Intelligence.    

In ancient times and through the ages, wise men have pondered long on this subject, and arrived at conclusions, so profound, that they were able to influence the people in their area of their conclusion.   In Mesopotamia their thoughts were immortalised in the form of the first chapter of the book of the Bible.   Wise men, meditating in the Himalayas, gave the people of India the Vedas, and have come to the same conclusion, and those who came after them, have called this source and its powers, with the names of gods and goddesses, through which abstract concepts can be explained to ordinary mortals but philosophers have also given explanations of the Spirit, and called him Brahma.   

The Bible became the Holy Book of the Jews, and after Jesus Christ, the Christians adopted it and added the writings of the early followers of Christ and called it the New Testament.    In the seventh century, prophet Mohammed, arose in Mecca and had a vision, and it was immortalised in the Koran, and those who followed it could have been said to adopt both Jewish and Christian values.   The Christians in the west, failed to understand the writings or language of the Arabs, and confronted them, which resulted in bitterness.

In face of the overwhelming evidence of belief in a Creator, why is it the modern world hell bent upon denying His existence?   Although atheism and nihilism has always existed, the nature of it was in response to the behaviour of those who believed in the Creator, but did not follow it up to the full, but exploited the weak, and subjugated them with their temporal power.

Philosophies of rationalism and materialism, arose during the period which they called renaissance, and became fashionable among the rich and powerful in the west.   West happened to discover routes to the new world, which they discovered by accident, or was it another master-stroke of the Creator, who guided Columbus to the New World and Vasco Da Gama to the east, and to India.    Since this source is Invisible, but active, one can never say, and can be said to be possible, by those who believe in him.   To those who wish to deny him, it is an accident.    

What did the west do with these discoveries?    The traders jumped on the bandwagon, and sailed to these places to increase their wealth, and the ministers of the Church, went first to minister to these traders, and then they spread their belief to those who were not initiated in it.   It was the Trader who prevailed, as he was able to supply wealth to add to the investment the King had put in the venture.    

In the beginning it was Spain and then Portugal, both Catholic nations.   However since Christians had revolted against the Pope and formed their own separate churches, in Germany and all over Europe, and later in England, they could not share a piece of this cake.   As they saw the benefits, soon East India Company was formed in England, by Queen Elizabeth I, and the powers in France, and Netherlands too went on trading missions.    Many went west, along the trade route of Columbus and others went east, folliwing Da Gama.

As wealth flooded Europe, mainly Spain and Portugal, it also flooded England and with the increased prosperity of the rich, demand for goods increased which lead to inventions and discoveries of powers vested in Nature, and exploited them, and this lead to the Industrial Revolution.    The presence of extreme  wealth, caused moral problems, and with the restrictions placed by the Churches on human behaviour, the rich had to have a way out, which was given by the new Philosophers of Rationalism and Materialism, and crowning prize was Charles Darwins and his discoveries in Galapagos Islands.

If we trace all the tragedies of the present age, it can be traced to this era, when the West changed course from the moral values proposed by the Church and charted their own ways, and the idea of separation of Church and State, which was conceived to keep the Emperor and the Pope in their respective spheres of influence, became a slogan for these modern day profiteers.    In the name of Democray, they got rid of Monarchies, and wealth of individuals could now influence the minds of the masses, and with the added power of advertisement and media, they could control the ruling power, which was vacated by the Monarchs.

If you try to see how people in the middle ages, settled their marital disputes, you will find they could only anull their marriages, and the final tribunal for the dispute was the Church.   Divorce and the family courts are what we see today, and devoid of moral ethics our thinking has embraced ideas, far removed from the aspirations of our ancestors.    These ideas can lead to demographic changes due to same gender family units, unable to reproduce children, and rather opting to get them from the market place, or from far away lands.    A day may come, if this trend moves unimpeded by events, when reproduction will become business, and sperm banks will marry egg banks, and new life will begin in a petrie dish, and implanted in hired workforce, and the produce will be sold to the market.    It may sound horrific, but today's behavior may have caused equal consternations to any one living in the fifteenth century.    Thanks to modern tools and prolific media, this idea can be made possible, and but for economic upheavals, which may cause their towers of Bable to topple before they can execute their ideas, this world may turn back to its prisitine nature.

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