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Food Security Bill

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Do you know what food security means?   Why do you eat food?  Obviously, it is essential for living like air and water.   It is more than getting two square meals.

Source of Food Supply.

Total food production in the country plus the imported food plus buffer stocks maintained by  Food Corporation of India, in previous years.   Our weather pattern has an impact on the final outcome of stocks.   Increase in capacity, as will destruction through deterioration.

Who can access this Supply:

It is dependent on the financial capacity of the individual, and in India, there is a huge gap in the highest and lowest end of this capacity.  Of course the affluent member of the society has a vague idea of the state of affairs of those at the other end, and the media that caters to him, are made up of a class similar to that individual, and influence the public opinion of this class, but not of the vast majority at the other end of the spectrum.

Thus, for the Government the concern is how to make this food supply accessible to the most vulnerable section, who has no backer in the affluent media circles, nor in the gatherings of this class.   When the Government tries, the voices  of the vested interest, who stand to gain from this disparity are given a huge space in our media, and the rich affluent class starts the trend denigrating the efforts of the Government.

When the vast majority have an income, which can not stand a chance in this society meant to feed the affluent classes, that the greedy ones of our society, engineer to inflate the price with a view to amass, vast profits, should not the representatives of the vast majority, take up the cudgels on their behalf, come what the affluent classes will say ?

Just as you and I need sufficient, safe and nutritious food, the poor too have the same need, and their poverty is not created by them but they are born in this status because of circumstances beyond their control.

Just think of the poverty-stricken families, it is very hard for them to get two square meals a day..somehow they manage by eating through dustbins or lungers carried on by some charitable or religious institutions or even they resort to beg. you would not believe that in tribal areas, people are forced to eat wild plants. those who are unemployed, they can also be food insecure. if some natural calamity happens like BENGAL FAMINE IN 1943 (it killed thirty lac people in the Bengal province), flood in Bihar, tsunami in southern parts, earthquake in Gujarat, food shortage can arise and less supply and high demand can hardly restrain the desire of vested interests, from hiking the prices.   This is a case of food insecurity. 1.02 billion people in India are suffering from hunger and hence, malnutrition. India holds 2nd rank in the world of the number of children suffering from malnutrition. those who have a meager income, and if inflation occurs, then they also have to make some adjustments in food.or it may happen that sometimes, they eat and sometime don't..

Food security will be helpful if enough food is available for all the persons, there is no barrier to access of food and all persons have the capacity to buy food of acceptable quality.   Why would the affluent classes grudge sharing part of their tax offerings towards the poor, as if they survive, the rich will have the required work force, the keep up their standard of living, or else, they too may have to scrounge as has happened in countries like Greece and those others of Europe who have been left behind by the affluent sections of Europe.  This trend has taken a great boost, after the beginning of the Reaganomics of USA and Thatcherism of UK.

You should search about malnutrition, poverty, hunger and food security in India on web and images. you will get more answers! and last, but not the least, you should study FAD THEORY (food availability decline theory) given by Amartya Sen.

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