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Mangalorean Recipes Face Book group

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Dear friends,

I can not express my joy of seeing so many people coming to the dining table of Mangalorean Recipes, and the faces I mentally see, are of the children and grand children of my class mates and friends from yester year. You might like to know, that I too was a kid some years back, went to primary school, then the high school and climbed the ladder slowly, and now after reaching eighty years of my life, and even though my vision has blurred my memory is as bright and sparking as it was when I was five.

Though as I child, I had a small ring of friends mostly from my own community, anware of a wider world, all others used to live side by side, but my tiny eyes, could not see. Now that life has opened my eyes and mind too, I see that all of us, in fact are from the same family, with the same tastes, and same way of thinking, even though our foundations might have been different, and so was the outlook. All of us are now the part of the cyber space, and see one another more clearly, and also see our thoughts and feelings are matching too. If there are frictions in the family, one can not help it as some find it hard to forget the pain, and others overlook it. In the end, all of us have to go to the same place, where we will once again be bound by the same love, that brought us together.

So, a great welcome to all of you, not only from our small geographical area of south kanara, but also from the wider world, who have come into our families, through marriage and friendship. Let us embrace the whole globe where we all live. Time and Space have merged into one. Let us not try to split it and live separate lives. Let us be friends, and over look one another's short comings, and see only the good in others and imitate all the good things we find in others. Let us be happy travellers on this great voyage on this globe.


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