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Music and its Contribution

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Music has always been a panacea, to sooth our emotions and feelings.   It has been used to express our innermost thoughts, towards our loved ones.   It is a medium that is used to communicate our spoken words.

Every region has had their own ways of expressing in music, and the forms that have taken shape, are varied, and appreciated by the ones who are closely associated with them.   Thus West has developed its own genres, and the East has its own, but until recently rarely they have met.

Personal likes and dislikes have kept these apart, but historically, they have influenced one another.   In my opinion, India was the land from where the scale, the rhythms and dance originated, and spread through human contact.    When Alexander came he must have taken some of these traditions back to Greece, from where they moved to Italy, and Europe.

We find, the early Greek modes were like the Raagas in India, and later in the 13th century once the organ was discovered, and with it the capabilities of harmony, many of these modes became less used, and only with two modes the harmony developed, and in the classical period it flowered and for some unknown reason, most of these classical composers came around the 15th to the 18th century, and with the first world war, this momentum was stopped, and with the new masters, who were mostly interested in commercial gain, popular music became prevalent, and classical music took back seat.   Yet, it refuses to go.

The post world war world, has seen upheavals, and meeting of nations, and with it the cultures have crossed boundaries, and fused with one another, and with it Music too has taken its share.

Somehow, I have a close affinity to western harmony, and have used it as my medium, by choice, and I know well, that I may be considered stuck in the past.   But not everything in the past is bad, and to be discarded.   It has its own good points, and perhaps, you will discover from my latest addition to my website, "Meditation Music" which is the latest category, under Catholic Church Music.

I request you to have a look, and may be you too will like it.

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